Comments from stations that use Premiere News & Prep:

(The Classic Daily/Today's Rock Facts) "You guys kick ass. It's rad to have a music news source that's dependable and extremely current." (Angel Hughes, PD KBAZ/Missoula, MT)

"I love Today's Rock Facts. I used to use several different sources to get my music news for show prep. I don't really need anything else now. I also love the audio." (Wendy Miller, midday air personality, KLOL/Houston)

(The Classic Daily) "What a great service! Your service is a must for our Classic Rock station." (Ed Kanoi, program director, KAHA/Honolulu)

(Hot Wax Daily) "Love the audio - love the bits - there's at least one thing I use every day if not more. Some of the items I keep to use over and over again. It's cool - thanks. The timely bits (birthday audio; behind the vinyl; Beatles stuff) - excellent." (Dave Mason, Program Director/Morning Show, XHCR-FM/San Diego)

(Hot Wax Daily) "I find your service invaluable. One of the bigger contributing factors to my show. Continue to keep up the good work!! (John Novak, morning show host, CKOC, Hamilton, Ontario)

"I love Country Today sooo much. You are always ahead of everyone else. In fact, your work shows up a day later in others' services." (Greg Lane, mid-day slave and car attendant, KSKS/Fresno)

"We've checked out several other services; no one matches the music news Country Today provides." (Bill McAdams, operations manager, WFGF/Lima)

(The Inside Word) "Keep the hot music news and gossip coming!!!!! Soundbites whenever you can get them. (Nancy Barrow, Morning Show, WZMX/Hartford)

"The Classic Daily is a HUGE asset to our station. On days when we don't receive it; everybody from on-air talent to programming is absolutely frantic." (Russ Burton, Producer, WGRF/Buffalo)

"Great show prep." (Dave Lockhart, news director, WNIC/Dearborn)

(Triple A Daily) "Love the in-depth with artists; the artist IDs; stories about artists that fit our format. Concert info; new release info. It's a crucial piece of morning show prep for us." (Doug Donoho, Program Director/Morning Show Host, KLRR/Bend)

(Daily Buzz) "I'm a new morning man; and the first thing I asked my PD for was premiereprep! Great tool for content & audio!" (Dave Fuller, WDTW/Detroit)

"Urban Daily helps our station get the most up-to-date entertainment news. Our listeners are used to getting the most accurate, up-to-the minute news. Urban Fax is just the answer!" (Patty Jackson, PD WDAS/Philadelphia)

"Premiere Prep is the most consistent performer I've seen in the very crowded field of prep services. They make us better, funnier, and more on top of the showbiz news! Having Premiere Prep on my team is like have two extra producers and writers scouring the globe for clips, ideas, etc...and without the payroll! BUT what makes them an MVP for me... they listen, they care, THEY RESPOND." (Mike Opelka, morning show, WKTU/New York)

"Mark Shipper of The Shipper Report knows radio and writes for radio, nobody does it better." (Scott Shannon, PD/Morning Host, WPLJ-FM/New York)

"We love our Premiere Prep!  In one great service you get it all...news, kicker stories, sound bites, entertainment news, parodies, drops...the works! There is no need for other services once you hook up with Premiere...they have everything a competitive morning show needs!?" (Robbie Daniels, PD/Morning Host, KKBX/Fargo)

"The Premiere Prep radio service is the Cadillac of show prep and The Shipper Report is without question the most valuable piece of show prep we could ever use.It's written in an extremely radio-friendly format and the content is not only compelling and relatable, it is ALWAYS first with the big stories. A MUST HAVE for ANY morning show.If you aren't using Shipper, get used to second place." (Brad Booker, Booker & Diane In The Morning, WSTO-FM/Evansville, Indiana)

"Every morning, after we hit Premiere Prep and the local papers, we're pretty much ready to go.  Plus, we love the Hazardous Comedy Network like our women...sick and freaky!  Keep it up!" (Scott and Todd, WPLJ/New York)

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